ITH Hand Sanitiser Pattern set with oval frame applique. 5 different shapes of Hand Sanitizer.



ITH Hand Sanitizer Holder Set with oval appliqué. 5 shapes for 5×7 hoops – fits most UK, US and Australian makes *

The oval frame is ideal for putting in initials, monograms, or a piece of fabric… the choice is yours.

This an easy ITH hand sanitizer case design set can be made completely in the hoop with no extra sewing needed. All 5 sizes and shapes are included in this listing.

The tab is 13-18 mm / 1/2 – 5/8 ” wide and will therefore fit most key fobs and “D” hoops.

* please check sizes fit before purchasing

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Technical Information

Holder 1 = 82.2 x 139.9 mm = 2,999 stitches
Holder 2 = 84.9 x 142.6 mm = 3,136 stitches
Holder 3 = 82.2 x 145.8 mm = 3,204 stitches
Holder 4 = 86.0 x 134.5 mm = 3,207 stitches
Holder 5 = 71.8 x 127.7 mm = 2,897 stitches

Included is ONE zip file. This consists of the pattern files in the below formats. There is an additional PDF file which is a step by step photo tutorial for these who would like extra visual help.